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Member Spotlights

MBBI calls its members Peace Builders. Our members contribute their time utilizing their skills and experiences to participate in Working and Regional Groups, and Capacity-Building & Advocacy Initiatives. We hope that through our Spotlights, our members, individually and collectively, will inspire you as much as they inspire us to continue the important work.

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A growing number of international requests reach MBBI for partnerships, services, and projects. Help us build our capacity to say “yes” to these requests; consider joining us as a Peace Builder. For more information on how to become involved and for internship and volunteer opportunities, please visit our Join Us page or contact us at info@mediatorsbeyondborders.org.

Our Peace Builders

Disrupting the Pattern. Member Spotlight: Ruth Sirman

Ruth Sirman stumbled into mediation “by accident” following stints in three very disparate careers. She began as an environmental scientist with a team that worked on wildlife toxicology. From there,…
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Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Dialogue. Member Spotlight: Paloma Martinez

Paloma Martinez has years of experience in the field of education, youth entrepreneurship, and strategies to strengthen social skills through the use of conflict resolution strategies. She is the Co-founder…
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Mixed Method Mediation. Member Spotlight: Douglas Spoors

Doug has been a practicing attorney for 31 years specializing in plaintiff employment litigation as well as international negotiations and agreements. He stated, “After many years of litigating employment cases,…
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Making a Profession of Problem-Solving. Member Spotlight: Bruce Tow

Most of our ability to move into the world depends on the capacity to confront and overcome difficulties and challenges that we face. Problem-solving is certainly a fundamental skill in…
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Mediation with Empathy and Assertiveness. Member Spotlight: Siham Boda

Siham Boda is an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, having initially practised international humanitarian and constitutional law. She then turned her attention to commercial forensic investigation covering…
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Removing Borders. Member Spotlight: Bebhinn McKinley

Bebhinn is a dialogue, conflict prevention/transformation, and peacebuilding practitioner based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, where she works for local government, having previously worked for Central Government and a number…
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Law, Mediation and Human Rights. Member Spotlight: Jennifer Kyllergård

Jennifer Kyllergård is a mediator and legal professional based in Malmö, Sweden. She possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Lund University and a Master’s Degree in International Human Rights Law…
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Illuminating the Path Towards Peace. Member Spotlight: Bob Creo

Bob Creo, one of the founding members of Mediators Beyond Borders International, is a widely acclaimed and experienced arbitrator and mediator with over 40 years of experience. An arbitrator of…
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Transforming Conflict Through Dialogue: MBBI Member Spotlight Bob Stains

Bob Stains is a trained therapist, and mediator, and has over 27 years of experience in consulting, training, facilitation, and dialogue. With an extensive background in facilitative dialogue and conflict…
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Mediation as a Tool to Address Organizational Cynicism. Member Spotlight: Berkan Manaigo-Vekil

Berkan Manaigo-Vekil is a conflict resolution professional working at the threshold of human resources, law and corporate culture. He has more than 12 years of multinational experience gained in various functions…
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