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Member Spotlights

MBBI calls its members Peace Builders. Our members contribute their time utilizing their skills and experiences to participate in Working and Regional Groups, and Capacity-Building & Advocacy Initiatives. We hope that through our Spotlights, our members, individually and collectively, will inspire you as much as they inspire us to continue the important work.

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A growing number of international requests reach MBBI for partnerships, services, and projects. Help us build our capacity to say “yes” to these requests; consider joining us as a Peace Builder. For more information on how to become involved and for internship and volunteer opportunities, please visit our Join Us page or contact us at info@mediatorsbeyondborders.org.

Our Peace Builders

A Heart for Peace. Member Spotlight: Kimberly Best

Kimberly Best, TN Rule 31 listed Civil and Family trained mediator and conflict coach, located in Nashville, Tennessee began her career as a registered nurse. After working years in the…
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Fostering Mediation in Counseling Practice. Member Spotlight: Lydia Willingham

Lydia Willingham is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Licensed Addiction Counselor. As a behavioral health counselor, she has dealt with crisis intervention, addictions, and suicide prevention in…
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Women in Mediation. Member Spotlight: Usha Poonawalla

Usha currently resides in Pune, India, and holds a Masters in Commerce, Master’s in Business Administration and is a Law Graduate [Mcom, MBA, LLB]. She has been in the business…
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Re-establishing Their Forgotten Voice: Justice for Indigenous Communities. Member Spotlight: Somia Sadiq

Somia Sadiq, located in Winnipeg, Canada, is currently pursuing a Doctoral in Philosophy from the Netherlands’ University of Leiden in War, Peace, and Global Justice. The program is in conjunction with…
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The Soul of Peacebuilding and Mediation. Member Spotlight: Frances Jeffries

 Frances grew up in a military family, and by the time she reached college, she had been to 13 schools. She was constantly adjusting, and it is only now that…
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Restoring Justice to Marginalized Communities. Member Spotlight: Indrani Govender

Indrani Govender, located in Durban, South Africa, is an independent consultant at Resource Consulting, specializing in International Mediation Training, as well as Land, Civil, Commercial and Community Mediation. Holding over…
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The Magic of Mediation. Member Spotlight: Alicia Khoo

Alicia Khoo, Attorney and Certified Neutral Person, holds her own practice in the sunny state of California. In mediation and arbitration, she mainly handles contracts and business disputes; however, living…
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The Fusion of Human Relationships, Mediation in Practice. Member Spotlight: Sunita Kumar

 Sunita Kumar, based in South Carolina, is a trained mediator and commercial arbitrator, serving on the board of Mediation and Meeting Center of Charleston. In her role as mediator, Sunita…
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New Mediation Insights in France and the World. Member Spotlight: Julien Mary.

Julien is head of the legal department in a French green electricity provider cooperative. In his company, there are over 20,000 stakeholders who are consumers, producers, and employers and all…
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A Career Mediator. Member Spotlight: Alicia Kuin

Alicia Kuin has been a member of MBBI since 2011, was our very first member spotlight in 2014, and is the founder of the MBB Canada Regional Group. When Alicia…
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