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Member Spotlights

MBBI calls its members Peace Builders. Our members contribute their time utilizing their skills and experiences to participate in Working and Regional Groups, and Capacity-Building & Advocacy Initiatives. We hope that through our Spotlights, our members, individually and collectively, will inspire you as much as they inspire us to continue the important work.

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A growing number of international requests reach MBBI for partnerships, services, and projects. Help us build our capacity to say “yes” to these requests; consider joining us as a Peace Builder. For more information on how to become involved and for internship and volunteer opportunities, please visit our Join Us page or contact us at info@mediatorsbeyondborders.org.

Our Peace Builders

Member Spotlight: Valentina Vethencourt

Lauren Atherton (LA) MBBI Writer, interviewed Valentina Vethencourt (VV), on 12 July 2016 Valentina Vethencourt is a Venezuelan, New York-based MBBI member who has worked with the organization for almost…
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Member Spotlight: Amporn Marddent

Florence de Vesvrotte (FdV), MBBI Writer, interviewed Amporn Marddent (AM), Lecturer at Walailak University, Thailand on 22 May 2016.  FdV: What is your background? AM: I am a Muslim woman…
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MBBI at COP21 in Paris & Member Spotlight on Thomas Fiutak

By: Natasha Dyer MBB’s Climate Change Policy Project team, along with thousands of other delegates for the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) headed to Paris in December 2015. After the comings and goings of the colossal 12-day event,…
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Member Spotlight: Steve Goldsmith

This week I met another gem of Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), Steve Goldsmith. MBBI has a fantastic network; here I am on a winter afternoon in Spain, chatting about…
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Enda Young ~ MBB Member Spotlight

‘Turning a hobby into a livelihood’ Enda Young started out studying mechanical engineering. Not a discipline you would naturally connect to mediation. But he also got involved in conflict resolution…
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Members Spotlight: Suzanna Norbeck

It is well known that mediators are excellent communicators, but what often distinguishes first-class professionals from the rest of the pack is their level of empathy. It amplifies their persuasiveness…
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Charles Gross ~ MBB Member Spotlight

Charles Gross: A Purposeful & Meaningful Life A native of Los Angeles, Charles Gross joined MBB in 2011, starting out as a student member in the Dominguez Hills university chapter.…
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Stacey Schamber ~ MBB Member Spotlight

What first drew you to MBB? Many roads have been traveled in bringing our group together. We’re not all world renowned mediators, but as Stacey Schamber has proved there is…
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Member Spotlight: Alicia Kuin

Ever wonder what’s in it for you? Or want to get involved, but not know how? Many members and volunteers have faced the same quandary. In 2013 Alicia Kuin resolved…
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