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Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding & Development Assistance (TIPDA)

Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding & Development Assistance is a service by Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI) that assists organizations to better care for their staff and better deliver their services.

By removing trauma as a barrier, communities establish cohesion, staff cultivate resilience, and projects have successful outcomes. Complementary skills such as conflict resolution and mediation can then be taught as a means of sustaining peace and supporting on-going development.

Managing Trauma for Healthier Staff & More Engaged Communities

TIPDA works with organizational leaders and operational units, individuals and communities to recognize trauma and interrupt the cycle of violence to allow individuals to recover and aid development to thrive. Addressing the impacts of trauma is the nexus for successful and sustainable development and peacebuilding. Outcomes provide participants with:

  • The ability to recognize the impacts of trauma exposure on individuals and communities
  • Strategies to support individuals when they experience distressing memories and stressful events
  • Skills to navigate conflict, help individuals recover, seek help from others, support colleagues experiencing trauma, and defuse volatile situations
  • Models of conflict resolution skills that promote trust, community cohesion and peace
  • Techniques to manage their own trauma exposure responses and build resilience