Loretta Raider is principal of The Raider Consulting Group, a global firm focusing on organization development and peacebuilding. She works with organizations to develop and implement effective strategies focused on their goals and preferred future. Loretta’s international activities include experience with United Nations staff around the world delivering programs on Collaborative Negotiations, Global Diversity, Mediation, Team Building, and Ethics. Throughout Europe and the United States, she trained and coached AstraZeneca executives in state-of-the-art global leadership development programs. At the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) Teachers College, Columbia University, Loretta taught over 500 students playing a significant role in preparing them for careers in peace building. Loretta led the Sierra Leone project team of Mediators Beyond Borders International, Building Sustainable Peace through Leadership Development and Conflict Transformation for twelve years. Having worked in thirty countries worldwide, Loretta brings a strong knowledge of group dynamics and organizational behavior that enables transformative change within multicultural environments. 

Areas of Expertise: International Organizational Development Consultant and Peacebuilder; Large Group Process Design, Strategic Planning, Community Building, Capacity Building, Mediation, Collaborative Negotiation, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Performance and Trauma Informed Peacebuilding
Country of Origin: USA
Current Residence: USA
Languages: English