Capacity Building for Community Mediators in Aceh, Indonesia

MBBI supported a training led by Shadia Marhaban, MBBI Regional Representative for Southeast Asia & Executive Director of the Aceh Women’s League and Raihal Fajri, IPTI Alumni a&nd the Executive Director of the Katahati Institute. This training was organized in partnership with the Indonesian Mediation Center (PMN) and the Aceh Women’s League. This training was entitled Capacity Building for Community Mediators.

The participants consisted of leaders in their respective community, head of village, lawyers, religious leaders, politician and human rights defenders. The Aceh Women’s League, in collaboration with MBBI, is committed to this training 4 times a year with the goal of having 200 qualified women and men mediators at the community level by 2025.

For those who want to continue with the supreme court certificate we can help with scholarships to those who are qualified and lack financial support. Reach out to Shadia Marhaban for more information. The Aceh Women’s League plays a role in selecting qualified talented mediators, assisting them in their work, providing space for meeting clients etc.