‘Drawing out solutions from the people.’ Member Spotlight: Maureen Inglis

Maureen Inglis, a professional mediator from Australia, is also a peace advocate, and a dispute resolution coach. Having specialized in workplace conflict resolutions, she renders requisite skills and know-how in administering workplace’s disagreements which may lead to dysfunctional teams, stress, trauma, harassment or bullying. Through her own established brand, Maureen Inglis Consulting, she provides customized need-based sustainable solutions by the means of mediation, coaching, training, and facilitation of problem-solving processes.  

I believe solutions are within the capacity of individuals and my role is to draw them out from the people.

When we asked about her journey starting from the field of business management and human resource development to mediation, she explained, “mediating disputes was something I have been unconsciously practicing since my childhood.” She fondly remembered her childhood incidents where she used to be the one advocating peace between the people involved in conflicts.

Create Impact Through Dialogue

Her association with MBBI commenced in 2016 when she became a part of MBBI’s Sierra Leone Project. “Through MBBI, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with great mediators and peacebuilders around the world. MBBI supplements my goal to peacefully resolve the conflicts and create an impact through dialogue.” She encourages everyone who wishes to contribute to global peace and dialogue building to join MBBI.

Maureen’s participation in the Sierra Leone Project provided her with a meaningful experience in her career as a peace advocate. The project’s team collaborated with local partners to transform communities through non-violent dialogue and communication skill-building workshops, focusing on ‘Building Unity for Peaceful Elections 2018.’ “We also conducted interviews to develop an ongoing needs’ analysis and consequently with the assistance of a Rotary Global Grant, plans are currently being developed to intensively train women and youth leaders in Sierre Leone.” She is also coaching a local MBBI’s partner in Kenema as he develops strategies to develop and support peacebuilders in the sixteen chiefdoms of the region. Simultaneously, there involves an unmitigated passion and an audacity in consecrating personal time, working hours, family time, and even finances, to such labyrinthine peace processes, she explained.

Maureen Inglis facilitating needs analysis with youth leaders in Magburaka

Maureen’s style as a mediator is more facilitative in nature with a significant focus on pre-mediation assessment and coaching. She believes that such preparatory approach helps in building amicable solutions during disagreements between the parties. While sharing her most cherished aspect of any dialogue process, she expressed her strong interest in the intercultural aspect of mediation. She described it by illustrating, “while Australians tend to have a certain sense of humor in their conversations, it is possible that it may be misunderstood, or offend or even annoy the other party coming from an entirely distinct culture.” She remarked that she has “a natural ability to connect to and work with diverse people in diversified situations.”

Turning Interests into Skills

To turn her interests to skills, she obtained several certifications and accreditations like BRDGES Intercultural Certificate, Resolution Institute’s accreditation, International Mediation Institute’s accreditation, and attended an International Advanced Mediator Course – Italy (The Dispute Resolution Partnership, UK). She strongly suggested that blossoming mediators/peacebuilders shall take up such training and earn accreditation from their respective national institutes.

From several years of prosperous experience as a mediator, she imparted, that active and patient listening, open-mindedness, respecting parties’ cultures, professional demeanor and self-control are the golden rules for every successful peace process. Mediation/peacebuilding provides her both personal and professional contentment allowing her to feel fulfilled at the end of the day. It brings you to a unique position where you have the ability as well as the opportunity to create a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Article by Divya Sugand, MBBI Writer.