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Sustaining the Practice of Peer Mediation

August 2, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 9:30 am EDT

Engage in this exciting webinar, Sustaining the Practice of Peer Mediation. This 90-minute conversation event will be on August 2nd, 2023, at 8:00 am EDT (UTC -4) / 1:00 pm Nigeria time. Please use the Time Zone Converter to determine when this engaging conversation will be in your time zone.

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Speaker Bio. Chijoke Ibeku Nnanna

Owing to the high level of conflict in the world and narrowing it down to Africa and further down to Nigeria, we decided within our humble space to contribute our quota in reducing these conflicts  to the barest minimum by introducing the practice of peer mediation in Nigeria  and by extension Africa. It is indeed most pertinent to emphasise that our firms , Three C’s Met Mediators, Three C’s Met International Institute Of Mediation Negotiation Counseling and Conciliation/ Centre For Peer Mediation and Peace Building are the pioneers of these unique facet of mediation We have gone about the introduction of this by writing a proposal to the authorities responsible for school management to approve schools wherein children ranging from the ages of 7years to 15years attend.
They have graciously approved our proposal thus granting us access to a 1000schools for us to commence this training.

However ,owing to the limited disposal of funds available to us , we have decided to take the schools in batches . Thus , we teach this practice to five schools with a total number of 20children., 5 coordinators ( teachers ) and two supervisors from the authority responsible for educating this practice. Further to this , every quarter  of the year , we certify as peer mediators a total number of 60children. Thus far , we have Certified 100children. The first batch of children were certified on December 15th , 2022 , while the second batch was certified on the 1st of April , 2023. We have in our template to certify a total number of 300children in December, 2023 being the end of the year .

It is out considered opinion that by these skills we seek the children to imbibe and practice ,that they would be able to relate much better across the borders of religion ,tribe and culture. Also that they will possess the skills of preventing issues from degenerating to disputes and further to conflicts . We have also via this programme ensured that there is no generational gap in the practice of mediation as these children ,at least some of them may consider being Mediators in future..More comprehensively put , conflict resolution experts . One can only imagine the positive ripple effects of this programme if by providence these children find themselves in positions of influence in future. To have achieved this remarkable success thus far without sounding immodest ,I must commend the faculty / Team in our firms : Margaret Chijioke Ibeku, Patrick Mcphilamy III, Lisa Singh, Intan Sarit , Sonal Kharbanda, Kathleen Ruane Leedy, Lama Audi, Natalia, Nidhi Lama and recently new members , Renata E. Valree , Jean Lawler and Doug Spoors for the wonderful work they have put in .

Despite the time differences across the continents these individuals from America to Malaysia to India , Brazil and to Lebanon make out time to attend our weekly sessions with these children In a week , we would be in Three different schools in different Area Councils in the capital of Nigeria : Abuja. Also my children and staff  contribute their quota by taking the pictures of the sessions , getting food , drinks for the children and helping to serve them It is instructive to note that we feed 60childten weekly , transport them and pay their teachers monies for being with them till we finish the class on peer mediation. By virtue of work thus far , a lot of people across the continents have reached out for us to introduce our concept to them We have established a platform in Utah in the united States , Peru , Asia via Law Students Association of Asia and soon to come on board , India and Brazil .


August 2, 2023
8:00 am - 9:30 am EDT