Global Peacebuilder Certificate Program

Building Local Capacity, Worldwide

In honor of UN’s International Peace Day, we’re thrilled to announce that the doors to our long-awaited, much-anticipated Global Peacebuilder Program are now OPEN! 

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The Program Overview 

The Global Peacebuilder Certificate equips local peacebuilders with broad, comprehensive training in peacebuilding and collaborative processes. It is facilitated by our multidisciplinary, multicultural practitioners, designed to provide practical tools and skills to facilitate collaborative processes in personal, professional, and international contexts. Click here to explore or enroll.

Why We Created This…

  1. The Time for Peacebuilding is Now. This is an absolutely critical time in our history and in our world. Communities are facing a multitude of crises that cross fields, sectors, industries, and borders. But despite the diversity of challenges, all conflict is ultimately a ‘people’ problem. And the solution lies with people who have the skills to engage in conflicts constructively.
  2. You Can Change the World. Peacebuilding is a skillset, a mindset, and a practice. And when you have the tools to engage in conflict constructively, you’ll invite conflict as a welcomed opportunity to engage in a dynamic, creative, problem-solving process. This not only transforms your individual relationships, but your families, communities, regions, and countries. Peacebuilding is art and skill. And change starts with you.
  3. Together We Can Make a Difference. We believe that making these Global Peacebuilding skills accessible is key to achieving a more peace ‘able’ world. And while traditional institutions focused exclusively on top-down, ‘powerful nations’ models of peace, Mediators Beyond Borders International recognized that the only lasting peace starts with the people involved.

Our vision is that, by harnessing the power of technology, we can share the experience and expertise of our international practitioners through the Global Peacebuilder Training  Institute, and continue to build on and integrate the collective wisdom of the communities we serve. 

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The Vision and Philosophy 

This Institute is designed to aid and advance MBBI’s peace-able goal. The programs will be shaped by the ongoing renewal of inputs, components, and contributions from our global community. This provides a truly robust, evolutionary experience, and the programs will continue to grow as you do.  

We intend to welcome new presenters and practitioners from across the globe as participants and contributors to the varied sections and modules, in order to create a dynamic and multidisciplinary learning environment.


The Curriculum Overview

  1. Conflict Overview

Transform the way you view conflict, and welcome it as an opportunity to build deeper relationships and more effective solutions. See preview…

  1. Tools and Methods 

Understand the conflict transformation spectrums, and the tools and methods that are most effective in those contexts. See preview…

  1. Culture and Design

Define the role of culture, ideas, and beliefs in shaping and transforming conflicts and the systems that perpetuate them. See preview…

  1. Facilitation Fundamentals

Lead collaborative processes that engage diverse perspectives and constructive solutions. See preview…

  1. Reflective Structured Dialogue

Bridge divides and build resilient communities by using a process designed to defuse polarisation and foster cohesion. See preview…

  1. Mediation Foundations

Facilitate informal problem-solving conversations using the skills and expertise of a third-party neutral. See preview…

  1. Restorative Practice

Strengthen relationships between individuals and within communities in order to prevent, address, and repair the harm caused by conflict. See preview…

  1. Conflict Mapping and Analysis

Reconstruct the factors shaping the conflict in order to devise the most responsive intervention. Preview Coming Soon!

  1. Trauma-Informed Practice

Recognise and address the impacts of trauma in order to create strengths-based solutions and resilient communities. See preview…

  1. Women in Peacebuilding

Create more durable solutions by fostering including processes that integrate women into each stage of the peacebuilding process. See preview…

(If you’re having trouble seeing the previews, simply go to this link and click the ‘Access Content’ button to create an account and/or sign in. Please note that this is different from your MBBI member login.)


What People Are Saying…

The overall response to the Global Peacebuilder Program has been so energizing, exciting, and encouraging! Your feedback and contributions have been unbelievably valuable, and it has been such a privilege to engage with this incredible community in this co-creative process.

Here’s what members of our global community have shared with us so far…

“Well this is impressive. Congratulations!” – MBBI Member, Oceania

“The program content is so loaded and amazing!” -MBBI Alumni, Africa

“Thank you so much! The program looks great!” -MBBI Founder, North America


Program Value and Investment

The full program cost is anticipated to be priced at $2,500. This includes…

  • Video-based modules: valued at $250 per module
  • Live Session Practicums: valued at $500 per module
  • Updated Supplements: valued at $100 per module
  • Lifetime Access to the Program: valued at $1,000+
  • Access to our Global Community of Peacebuilders: Priceless

The total value of this program is estimated to exceed $5,000.  However, we are making this program available to our community for the following discounted rates, although it will be for a limited time.

  • Early Bird Rate: $997, until October 2, 2021.
  • Introductory Rate: $1,500 through November 2021.
  • Full Rate $2,500 beginning December 2021. 

This rate includes lifetime access to all our program materials, hands-on live practicums, opportunities for cross-sector discussions and contributions, and exclusive invitations to enhanced learning, field opportunities, and access to our global community.

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Join Us Today!

We have a limited number of seats available for the discounted rate of $997. So we strongly encourage you to register early to secure your access to the Global Peacebuilding Program. This rate includes lifetime access to all our program materials, hands-on live practicums, opportunities for cross-sector discussions and contributions, and exclusive invitations to enhanced learning, field opportunities, and access to our global community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been getting great questions from all of you on the program, and we wanted to include some of them here.

You can also access the FAQ’s by using this link, clicking ‘Access Content’ and creating a free login using your email address and a password of your choice. This should provide you access to FAQ’s and free previews.

When Does It Start?

You have immediate access to this program as soon as you enroll. Live Sessions will be offered on an ongoing basis beginning January 2022. 

How Much Does the Program Cost?

This program is valued at $2,500. However, we will be making it available an early bird rate of $997 until October 2, 2021, and an introductory rate of $1500. You can  click here to enroll today and lock in your spot at the discounted rates.

Can I Contribute to the Program?

Yes! We value your contribution, and will be integrating opportunities for you to make substantive contributions to the program, curriculum, content, and live-session facilitations.

Do You Have Scholarships Available?

Our team is working diligently to partner with major donors, institutions, and organizations to make scholarships available to peacebuilders around the world. 

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