MBBI-NY Event: What is the Role of the Mediator in these Times?

Join MBBI-NY for an engaging discussion with three peacebuilders and mediators on “What is the Role of the Mediator in These Times?”, to be held on Friday, May 8th, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm ET.

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As mediators, our function is as neutral facilitators. Yet during these turbulent times, mediators are uniquely positioned to lead by helping weave narratives that give meaning and direction. We can do this by offering a context to engage conversation and make sense of what matters most, sharing interpersonal tools and mindsets for people to navigate their relationships.

This function can be called facilitative leadership, but how do we do this exactly?

This webinar will explore:

  1. Practicing neutrality that is dynamic, engaged, and fluid.
  2. Taking a stand for what we want our work to represent. What story of the future are we contributing towards?
  3. Self-awareness and the role of compassion: How calibrating our physiology and cultivating mindfulness can increase our capacities to stay present and work skillfully to help groups transform amidst collective fear and distress.


Diane Musho Hamilton is an award-winning professional mediator, facilitator, and teacher of Zen meditation. Diane combines decades of work in conflict resolution with a depth of experience in sitting meditation. She is the author of Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution (2013), The Zen of You and Me: A Guide to Getting Along with Just About Anyone (2017), and Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart, with co-authors Gabriel Wilson and Kimberly Loh (May 2020.)


Kimberly Loh is an author, coach and peace specialist. Her past work includes post-graduate conflict resolution at Columbia University, peacebuilding research and policy development with academic institutions, NGOs and the United Nations, and litigation for multinational companies. She currently focuses on coaching and consulting to expand our human potential to connect and create change. Her forthcoming co-authored book, Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart will be released in May 2020 with Shambhala Publications.

Gabriel Menegale Wilson is an author, organizational change consultant, and peace-builder with a specialty in diversity and inclusion efforts. His work takes us to the intersection of social justice and purpose-driven enterprises, design thinking, human development, and group dynamics. His training includes postgraduate studies in leadership development from Stanford University, a certified integral facilitator, and an associate for Delta Developmental, an organizational development consultancy.