The Link Between Ebola & Conflict is Clear and Present

Our Call to Action…

Nearly a decade after a devastating civil war in Sierra Leone, Ebola has destroyed nearly 75% of the public health infrastructure. Tension, inequality and conflict dynamics persist – indeed, mistrust of government agencies, stigmatization and challenges to reintegrating Ebola survivors as well as post-traumatic stress have increased with the crisis-threatening the country’s fragile peace. Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB) builds a more peace “able” world by operating a global network of 200+ expert advisors and closing a critical gap in dialogue and mediation skills in divided societies.

Our new Training of Trainers (TOT) program fits into a comprehensive approach to peacebuilding in Sierra Leone–which also includes programs for women politicians, tribal chiefs and youth leaders–and supports local change-makers to build sustainable peace for themselves. With Phase 1 now completed, a critical Phase 2 builds on the needs, goals and programs identified and designed during the first training. Phase 2 requires $50,000 to fund six regional initiatives including 60 local and two (2) national dialogue and mediation conferences.

More exciting news! Our Sierra Leone Project was presented with an award at the 2015 MBB World Congress in Bucharest, called “Dangerous Dialogues & Courageous Conversation, in recognition “for our commitment, resourcefulness and innovation.” Backed by our community of practitioners and peacebuilders, our international team remains committed to the people of Sierra Leone, and know there is much work still to be done in the days ahead!

We’re committed to contributing 100 hours in-kind to this next phase and request your support to match us!