The Robert A. Creo Fellowship

MBBI has focused on supporting emerging practitioners in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Robert A. Creo, the architect and CoFounder of MBBI, initiated a fellowship program to train and expand the skillsets of MBBI members and peacebuilding practitioners. This initiative sits under the Founders Fellowship Fund, which is designed to invest in the next generation of peacebuilders by creating transformational opportunities for peacebuilders from all regions, demographics, sectors, and professional stages. This fund also provides opportunities for peacebuilders to become more actively involved in this critical and ongoing work, and to be able to gain access to MBBI’s incredible network of experts and multi-disciplinary practitioners. 

Short Term Objectives

  • Establish fellowship for young-professionals to build portfolio and skillset 
  • Mentorship by, and shadow with, a master-mediator 
  • Networking: tie person to all the networks of the mentors
  • Work on innovative, sustainable peacebuilding initiative
  • Arrange for international experience when appropriate 

2021 Fellow

2022 Fellow

  • The second Robert A. Creo Fellow is Mylene Chan. She will be focusing on