Webinar: How to Negotiate and Lead Collaboratively

In our personal, volunteer and work relationships, we experience increasing isolation, pressure, and judgment. Leaders in politics, community, NGOs, and business appear to be ever more aggressive today. Join us in a conversation on Nobody Gets to be Right: How to Negotiate and Lead Collaboratively by David Savage on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 12 PM ET. Join this MBBI webinar. Be better together.

When we insist we are right, we attempt to dominate and to overrule others interests, perspectives and insights. What are the costs? Rather than building walls, why not let go of certainty and facilitate brilliant generative dialogue? How may we be more open, collaborative and creative in these challenging times? In this session, we look at how we typically think and react to situations, and why it isn’t enough. We create an opportunity for change. With this session, you will gain greater awareness of your tendencies and gain practices that will enhance how you work together with others (especially those you are in conflict with). And, you will take away three new ideas to implement immediately.

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David B. Savage, BA (Econ), P. Land, ACC, President of Savage Management Ltd. has published seven books on collaboration and leadership including the bestselling book Break Through To Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration and Better by Design: Your Best Collaboration Guide. His 45 podcasts provide insights along with 75 guests from eight nations.

Savage brings over 40-years expertise, experience and leadership in oil and gas, renewable energy, health care, entrepreneurship, stakeholder engagement and conflict management. Savage is a co-founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), Synergy Alberta, The Global Negotiation Insight Institute, and ThinkSustainAbility. He works with leaders and organizations to advance their success through collaboration, negotiation, and business development. Coaching, consulting, conflict management, training, master classes, and integrative assessments and tools are Savage’s keys to your success.

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