Webinar: Update on the Situation in Ukraine and the Role of Mediation and Rotarians

Join us in our conversation on Update on the Situation in Ukraine and the Role of Mediation and Rotarians by Jean Bagh on Friday, December 13, 2019, at 12:00 PM ET. In this webinar, Jean will discuss the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine, and the continued importance of mediation on multiple levels. 

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The conflict in Eastern Ukraine exposed deep-seated tensions – from a geopolitical struggle between nations to intense societal strains inside the country. Needless to say, Ukraine is in need of peacebuilding and reconciliation. International organizations, like Rotary International and MBBI, can work at multiple levels of Ukrainian society to offer support to mediation and dialogue initiatives. Specifically, Jean will discuss the upcoming MBBI mediation training program for women in Eastern Ukraine. A select group of thirty women, residents in Donbass, still living across the lines of division, has been selected in joint efforts with women’s NGOs, the BPW Regional League Donetsk, now based in Kramatorsk, and the Berne Business and Professional Women’s Club for training in conflict mediation.

Lasting peacemaking in divided societies and societies traumatized by war requires a broad range or measures aimed at eliminating socio-economic inequality and on the other, at building up political and social capacities that will enable those involved to cope with plurality. Within this framework, dialogue projects can perform a valuable bridge-building function. These dialogue projects must be measured by the degree to which they help strengthen marginalized groups and create a changed culture of conflict resolution at the local and regional levels. As President of the Rotary Club Donetsk Advance, Jean has the unique opportunity to create partnerships with organizations working at various levels of the peace process and organizations highlighting different aspects of the peace process. 

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Jean Bagh is the President of Rotary Club Donetsk Advance, Ukraine. However, due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Jean and the Rotary Club Donetsk Advance, relocated to Kiev. He has been a representative of Agiplan in Ukraine since 2017. In this role, he worked for the promotion of efficiency increase in public and private sectors and of planning and modernizing manufacturing facilities. In the past, Jean served as the Director of Küttner representative offices in Ukraine, Donetsk/Kiev (2005-2016). In this capacity, he promoted energy-saving technologies for steel plants. In previous positions, he has developed the market of social services in Russia through promotion of mechanisms of cooperation between governmental and non-governmental organizations and of innovative technologies of social service provision, improved the planning and co-ordinating capacity of the National Coordinating Unit of the Government of Moldova in relation to EU support and related external assistance programs (World Bank, IMF, USAID, UNDP, UNICEF, etc.), strategized for the creation of new jobs and enterprises in coal mining cities with high unemployment caused by the closure of mines, advised  Governors and Chairmen of Regional Legislative Assemblies (senators) and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation in developing regional economic and administrative reforms, developed a joint strategy for increased foreign investments and promotion of an integrated socio-economic policy in the region, developed a strategy with Russian automobile part manufacturers and with science and technology research institutions to supply international automobile manufacturers with parts made in Russia, and organized training for privatized SMEs to develop tourism in Krasnodar and Sochi. Jean is also fluent in English, Russian, German, and French.

Rooted in the systems that foster European-wide collaboration, his career has taken him from Berlin to Moscow to Kiev. He has focused primarily on ensuring cooperation on a regional level through his multiple private and public sector positions. Jean is a true bridge-builder.

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