Dialog Process Project

Cambodia DPP

Left: Kakada Thorng, Executive Director, Cambodian Centre for Mediation (CCM) Right: Savath Meas, President, CCM DPP Cambodia

At its core, this project focuses on capacity building, utilizing education, training and on-going support for identified partners who request MBB’s assistance.

The goal of the Dialog Process Project (DPP)  is to respond rapidly to requests to train local mediators and facilitators and enable them to resolve community disputes, design and facilitate public dialogs and function within their country as a resource for underserved communities in resolving disputes through community dialogs, mediation and restorative justice.  DPP uses an elicitive approach to co-designing each project with a local team and consults with them on the development of the project mission, goals, and outcomes.

Board Liaison: Lynn Cole, Esq

Project Team Leaders: There is a Core Team of leaders comprised of Dr. Kenneth Cloke, Dr. Joan Goldsmith, Nan Waller Burnett, MA, Thomas Valenti, Esq., Rachel Wohl, Esq., Katherine Triantafillou, Esq., Lynn Cole, Esq. and Alan Gross, Esq.

Dialog Process Project - Cambodia

The MBB Dialogue Process Project (DPP) is partnering with the Cambodian Center for Mediation (CCM) to assist it in creating a public policy, consensus building and dialogue project concerning local land use disputes.

The need for the program is urgent as land use disputes have grown in intensity and potential violence as farmers, with or without formal title to land, face increasing development pressures and evictions by businesses that have been granted land concessions via the government. Many legal structures are in place, but the breakdown in balancing rapid economic growth with a traditional agrarian culture has resulted in unrest and distrust among farmers, business owners, communities and the government.

The team will be making an information gathering, assessment and process design visit to Cambodia in late February 2016, and plans to follow-up with consensus building dialogue facilitator training and ongoing support for CCM.  The goal is to create in-country teams of Cambodian mediators who will eventually seek to resolve land disputes in all 25 Cambodian Provinces and municipalities.

Dialog Process Project - Greece

The DPP’s pilot project was the Athens Migration Dialog project, sponsored in conjunction with the Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Center.  These efforts resulted in the creation of a new and sustainable organization, Metaplasis, a community mediation center in Athens, Greece.

The Athens Migration Dialog Initiative began in May of 2012 with the aim of building capacity for facilitating difficult conversations about migration and addressing the rising social and political tensions within Greece.  This was led by MBB President Emeritus Kenneth Cloke, JD, LLM, PhD; Joan Goldsmith, PhD; Tom Valenti, Esq. and Nan Waller Burnett, MA, and a highly skilled international team of public dialog trainers and other conflict resolution professionals partnered with a group of Greek mediators from the Hellenic Mediators and Arbitrators Association.