Four Takeaways: Reduce panic, Minimize stigma, Build connections, & Repair relations

Global challenges like the one we face today, require collaboration and creative problem-solving dialogue and consensus-building and all the processes that encourage open and honest communication, build empathy, reduce prejudices, and allow us to stay connected in our humanity. Our principles of inclusion and recognition of our diverse members from around the world lead us to host global Town Halls in multiple languages. These Town Halls have showcased the need for four main takeaways.

MBBI and NAFCM invite you to bring your best in collaboration to provide resilient narratives that serve to:

  • Reduce panic
  • Minimize stigma
  • Build connections 
  • Repair relations

Below are a series of posters that you can use to spread these four takeaways to your local community. If your language is not represented below and/or you want to have your specific logo on the bottom of a certain poster, email all requests to

Currently, we have the posters in English, Bahasa, Russian, Swahili, Arabic, French, and Spanish:


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