Publishing Guides on Collaborative Skill-Building. Member Spotlight: David Savage

David B. Savage, as President of Savage Management Ltd., focuses on building capacity and accountability in people and within and between organizations and communities. David is a proud co-founding member of MBBI and an active member of the MBBI—Canada Regional Group.

David Savage is deeply insightful and highly intuitive. He is a skilled and highly regarded practitioner with a strong sense of ethics and values. He has a profound commitment to personal and organizational transformation and can be counted on, to be honest, resourceful and supportive. I recommend him highly. – Ken Cloke, Founder, Mediators Beyond Borders

Crafting Global Negotiation Skills

David is an entrepreneur active in the Canadian oil and natural gas, and diamond exploration firms. In a ten-year period, David and partners started, built and then sold four profitable companies.  He served in leadership positions at the Petroleum Joint Venture Association, the Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landman, the Kootenay Rockies Work Force Council, and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce showing how conflict, well managed, can create better outcomes for organizations

David is a co-founder of the Collaborative Global Initiative, Synergy Alberta, The Global Negotiation Insight Institute, Company 2 Company Alternative Dispute Resolution Council, ThinkSustainAbility, and Energy and Resources Conservation Board ADR Committee. He specializes in executive coaching, conflict management, negotiation, public consultation, and management consulting. In addition to MBBI Canada, David is an active volunteer member of Rotary International, the TransCanada Trail, and the Great Divide Trail.

Each of these consortiums of negotiators, mediators, and coaches has propelled David to author seven books, co-author two books, produce 45 podcasts, and host webinars about the top negotiation and collaboration skills. Working in various industries and facilitating innovative teams in renewable energy, health care, and tourism, also, allowed David to focus on the shared aspects of dispute resolution: critical thinking, values, and ethics, and protecting the environment.

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Publishing Collaborative Guide Books

David is a prolific author with seven books on collaboration and leadership including the bestselling book Break Through To Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration and Better by Design: Your Best Collaboration Guide. Better by Design is his most recent book, which is a template and guide for collaborative design providing reach encouragement, listening, diversity, inclusion, innovation skills as well as assessment tools. If you would like a digital copy of Better by Design, please click here for direct connection with David and to articulate your need for this book. He is willing to send free copies of this book to mediators who need it!

Through his website (, you can see the full list of books as well as his upcoming titles. Furthermore, he has events, audio, video, and a blog all within his site to be able to gain his expertise on key negotiation, collaboration, mediation, and coaching techniques. On October 15, 2019, at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time, he will be hosting a webinar on Nobody Gets to be Right: How to Negotiate and Lead Collaboratively. Click here to learn more and to register to gain a greater awareness of your tendencies and enhance your collaborative approaches (especially those you are in conflict with). Through this webinar, you will take away three innovative ideas to implement immediately.

David’s multifaceted and unconventional career in negotiation follows the idea that Mediators need to embrace the corporate community as most of their leaders would love to be engaged with our groups, and we can be that liaison to help solve their conflicts in ways that create shared value.”

Article by Ben Lutz, MBBI Writer